Wednesday, March 31, 2010


this one saje2 je.haha

comel kn siti?? she is smiling at me!

my friend calmal, milah and syarah withCT
Isnt this pic wonderful! i mean the u ct!!


well..the title of entry has clearly given the clue what i am gonna to tell u bout! haha...seriously,

31st March 2010 would be the most most and most memorable day for me! i have been following her since her 1st hit Jerat Percintaan! till now! i have never stopped loving, adoring, and promoting her! Dato Siti Nurhaliza! she is the only singer which i think i have all her songs downloaded in my brain! from Jerat Percintaan, Wajah kekasih, Kau Kekasihku, and now...Amarah, Tanpamu, and Ku Percaya Ada Cinta! tell me what song of her that i dont know?? kill me if i give u even one! haha...(hyperbole)...

ok, back to the main story, last nie (31st march 2010) my friend told me that Siti would be performing at Sri Pentas 2 Plaza alam centra at 8 pm..n u know what! it was 7.30 pm he told me bout that! OMG..i was like "8 pm. siti nurhaliza! yeah..the wont be even a hell for me to see her"..but...deep inside of my heart said " ko kena pegi! dekat je la peluang ko nak tgk die live, wlaupun..cpt siap!"..i was like a charlie dressed and all..i told my friends to get hurried coz i would not put any consideration to leave them if they are late! 7.55...i got into my car and ask my friend to drive coz i have to change my shoes after i stepped on "TAIK KUCING" huhu...we arrived at Plaza Alam Sentral at 8.05 pm after we "redah sume lubang2 kat shah alam ni"..haha..pity my car...:(...

when we arrived at studio 2! thanx god! there was not so many people there! n u know what!! i was like 1 meter from the stage..n i felt like screaming to the director and telling him "wei bodo! ko tgk ni!! ak dpt jumpe siti live! freee!!!"...after waiting for an hour..i repeat!! an HOUR! finally the 1st singer! azharina came out to the stage and sang! i did not really give a damn on her..what i was waiting for is my Only Dato Ct!! after she finished her performance!

arghhhhhhh...i felt like fainting when i saw...Dato Ct and her sis Saidah at the backstage wearing all white!! that moment i felt like crying..(this is not a hyperbole but this is real!!)...and then she got on to the stage n!!!! she was just a meter from me! i repeat!! A METER from me!! i the 1st thing i shouted to her is..."siti! siti cantik! i love U"...and i felt like slapping my face when she replied "owh..terime kasih" n she smiled back to me! arghhh..ok..these are a few conversations between ME and Dato CT NURHAILIZA when she was on stage :

1-"siti! siti u" Siti said n SMILED: "owh..terima kasih"
2. "siti. lambai kat i" siti said and waved at me: "OK"
3. "siti pose plzz" siti posed and look at my camera!!
4. "siti! simply ct (referring to her new cosmetic product" and siti said and smiled n touch her face " cantik kan??"

ok..i after she performed her wonderful song n left the stage..i was thinking like "ak kene tgu die kat depan entrance..x kire! kne gak salam n amik gmbr dgn die!!" then got out from the studio and waited for her at the entrance..thougj there a few popular singers such as Jac, Adibah nor, Mawi..but do i care!!! all i wanted was my Ct!!...

after waiting her for a bout 1/2 n hour...i got back to the studio with disappointment...i did not really watch the performance on the stage..n got back to the entrance..n my hear beat like crazy when i see ct there! i was like! fuck!! finally!! ct!!!!!!!!!!!!

there was only few people with her..n i wont let her go like! n u know what..i shake hand with her 2 times!! she was in front of me! not 1 meter anymore! it was just like FACE TO FACE...n i talked to her:

1. "ct nak amik gmbr plzz" siti said:"ok2" (with few people pushed me from my back)

2. "ct senyum" siti smiled

3. "ct i beli product u nnt!" siti said. " beli tau! thank u!"

4. "siti plz..for my mom" siti stopped and smiled..

hoho..that was such a great memory for..i will never forget bout! never! i adore her since i was 8 or 9 years old...i know all the slanders, gossips and stupid junks that people have said bout her!! people call her bitch, people call her "artis kampung", people call her "perampas suami orang"..and all the bad things always go to Dato Ct! n u know what! all her fans' love to her have never faded away just because all those stupid people! and...some of u might deny the fact that she is such a wonderful role model for her fans! but GO TO HELL! she has proven by her BIG achievements! her great and wonderful plus down to earth personality! she doesnt have to show her skin to get what she has rite now! her asset last year was RM 50 millions! is such a big proof rite??

ok..stop bout ct..maybe..some of u might feel that "what this stupid blogger is trying to do?? siti wont even see him lol!"..but who cares!! this MY BLOG!!


p/s: i will upload a few pic of ct during the concert..:)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



haha...maybe some of u might think that i have gone crazy!! uploading boy's pics in my blog! but AS IF I CARE!! haha...who cares rite?? This is MY BLOG lol!!..hee~~ tell u what! he has such a great voice! he has charmed me with his voice! plus he has such a lovely look...his eyes are killing! darn!!!

i found him in youtube..(hee~~ not really coz actually someone told me bout him)..he has covered many songs and he also has his own songs which i think better than the cover ones! he is a pinoy n thats y he got an asian feature, to be exact Malay look! he is staying in US..gosh..i cant get enuff with his performances in utube! i feel like calling him n asking him to do a showcase in Cendana! haha...seriously he makes money through utube..he has thousands of followers n subscribers! but i wish i can say this to him "gabe, u need a nose job.." haha..

btw..i got few songs from Gabe Bondoc which i think are really2 cool and ouch!

1-I've Got a Crush on a Youtube Star
2-Love Story (Romeo version)
3-Twitter song
4-I just want you
5-The Way You look tonite

u can find those songs on Youtube..:) hope u guys enjoy! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I love Kina Grannis!!!

Kina Grannis
Stay Just A Little

I heard it in your voice when your love died

On a telephone connection stretching miles and miles of wire

You said it was over and then cried and cried

You were gone before I said goodbye

I don't like to think it is true

That distance came between us like a knife and cut right through

Where did we go wrong and let it all undo?

The only one I ever loved was you

Would you stay just a little, my love?

Would you sway just a little, my love?
Because the hole in the middle of my heart needs filling up

If you stay just a little, that's enough

It kills me as I lay awake at night

Remembering the last kiss that we shared doesn't feel right
Is it impossible for me to win this fight?

Keep you a little longer in my life

this song is so beautiful! the lyrics and the music arrangement are awesome! i dont know whether it is related to me or not..but listening to this song triggers me to think of how i hope to hold someone for a moment and tell that someone how i love "it" so much! but for this moment! what i wanna do is...kill "it".."it" has hurt me to death! argh...why cant u just stop haunting me?? i would kill u if cant maintain my pointer for this semester!

but well, i dont have the gut to that..haha..i wanna laugh as much and louder as i can!!! ahahahhahaha!!! ahahahahhah!!

btw, u cant listen to the song on youtube! killing song i shall say! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Using english is annoying?? WTF!! come on! wake up! even my late grandpa is able to communicate in english!! hello young generations! plz..get rid of that 3rd class mentality! simply label people as POYO because they are using english as a medium! what the hell are u r trying to do hah?? corrupting ur own BANGSA! ur own NEGARA! what's wrong with English ? we have been learning english as early as we were in pre-school! in fact in tertiary level we still learn english and English is the main medium for almost all subjects! i have encountered with the situation where some 3rd class mentality culprits saying that iam soooo Poyo because i have never posted my status in FB using Bahasa Melayu..hey! stupid! if i possess the stupid mentality like u, it means i have just wasted my time learning english since i was 4! and i have just drained all the knowledge just like what u r doin rite now! come on! i am not as stupid as u!

hello! i wanna see how far u can go with ur stupid mentality! but i bet u r maybe jealous because u dont have the gut to write or speak in english as i have?? haha! as someone who gonna share some knowledge about english language in future, i will pray to god for not granting such a 3rd class mentality culprit like u as my students!

iam not angry but i am just CURSING those culprits! sorry for my childish entry..but who cares!! this is my blog! haha...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am crawling now.

I am crying too.

But I am not showing

I am acting like a great actor..

I am expressing lies!
I am hiding the reality from the audience.
I am laughing yet I am hurt.

I should have won the award.
Award which can break me into tears.
I shiver everytime i realize how fake I am.

How the stage has ruled me out of my life.

How i feel i am just reading the scripts which are scripted for me.

God! Give me the fire to burn the scripts.

Once you grant me the FIRE I will turn the scripts into cinders!

Disgusting cinders shall i say??

I dont want to crawl like a baby anymore.
There are many more spaces for me to explore.

Not only this gloomy and solemn stage.

This is stage is just too small for me to find my real character in life.
I am alive on the stage but I am just a faking corpse in real!

Yes! I have to stop all the dramas and plays!

Let see what the real has prepared for me.

God! now bring me to the path that you have sketched for me.
Bring me out of this stage and yes!
let me be naked to show them who really I am!

My new character will be so real!
Real and off the struggle!!

Napeace Shuaa..
3 March 2010
11.55 am

p/s: this is entry is not really a poem..i dont know what should i call it title for this, interpret it as the way you want it to be..i dont mind..sorry!:)

Sunday, February 28, 2010


hey silly boy!!

iam ur blog! the blog that u always use just to tell ur stupid feeling! stupid life story! what on earth are u trying to do! telling people bout ur own disgusting secret?? u know what! why dont u just be urself! why not? iam tired of ur annoying life! keep on pretending! hiding urself in the stinky closet! hiding ur feeling towards who? IT? spit out the real name stupid! u know what...u r hurting urself! u r driving ur life to hell! haha...iam happy to see u crying just because of ur own fucking mistakes! u r a good actor! u can still laugh tho u see there is no chances between u n IT?? (what an ugly name)...hey wake up silly boy! u r not dreaming! u r facing with reality! u r not staging a play!

hey my blog..

what i can say is..this is the price!..i owe myself a lot..